Finding Christmas Motivation

I wanted to write and encourage you in this season of what seems like endless Holidays and reasons to be “put on happy”, no matter what may be going on in your life. This time of year we are all inundated with hundreds of ads from salesmen telling us “if you just had this one […]

How Did I Miss Seeing Something So Obvious?

  This blog has always been about me sharing with you things that I’ve learned the hard way, in turn hoping you can avoid the same pitfall that I so elegantly ran right through. Call me the “test pilot” for Husbands. Lord knows I have done my share of stupid over the past ten years […]

“Fifty Shades of Danger”

With the movie coming up on Valentine’s Day, I’m reposting this from a few years ago…. Note: While this is a topic that mostly effects wives, I feel that it can have a very negative impact on a marriage, and leave the husband not only confused, but wondering how he can measure up to what […]

“Life” – The Marriage Killer

  Remember when you first got married, and it was just the two of you? I know, it’s hard to remember the days without most of the distractions that come with kids and raising a family, but try. Remember how you were able to put time into your marriage pretty easily? I mean, you still […]

Her Period and You – A few Survival Tips

    Re-posted from a previous post….. Yes, I’m going where few men dare to go. Believe me, it took some time to talk myself into doing this post, but here I am. Now why would a guy do a blog post about a woman’s period? Well, because if you’re married (and I’m assuming you are […]