The “Cast”

So I said that I would introduce the cast of characters that make up our little (but getting bigger) family. Here goes…

Gerad (Dad) – That’s me. You know about me.

Valerie – That’s my beautiful wife. She is the most amazing wife/mom/cook/housekeeper/teacher/best friend/multi-tasker I could ever ask for.

Benjamin (4yrs) – Ah yes, our firstborn. As like most firstborn, he was “easy” and made us think that “this whole kid thing isn’t that hard, I don’t know what everybody’s complaining about.” He is a little wary of some things like loud rides at the fair, but loves loud “race cars” that go by. Takes after me in most things. Loves cars, anything that moves, soft heart, plays drums like a champ, and loves music.

Corbynn (2yrs) – The whole “this parenting thing is easy” went down the tubes when she came along. She is the classic, not afraid of anything (besides firetrucks that come around our corner), brave, strong-willed, “will walk right off the ledge of the play-set at the park unless you catch her” kind of girl. She’s got the most amazing BIG brown eyes that she uses quite often to “soften” dad when she get’s into trouble. She’s my little “Corber-bear”, and has me wrapped around most of her fingers. 

Cohen (Born 8-19-2011) Then there’s the newest addition to the family, who at this point is only interested in milk and sleeping…oh, and being super cute! I can’t wait to start to see his personality start to come out! 😉

One thought on “The “Cast”

  1. Good site. And yes, that dinner and starbucks is a date. We have very few date nights (due to school and work) but when we do, our’s are low key much like the one you described.

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