Have your ever heard those words over and over again from one of your kiddos? Most of the time I’m right in the middle of doing something – driving, editing photos, talking to Val, etc – and one of the kids will inevitably try to get my attention to ask me something! If you’re in the right mood, it can be REALLY annoying! But it got me thinking (yeah, I know, it’s hard to get this wheelhouse turning, but it happens) about kids and questions. If every time Ben or Corbynn asks an “annoying” question – I act like I have “better things to do” than answer it – why would I expect that when they get a little older, and they have a question about sex, or drugs, or some topic that I WANT them to ask me about – they will?! Will they think that dad “doesn’t care”, or “doesn’t have time” to help answer and guide, and pray with them about the tough issues in life? I think when the kids are little, and family life is nutty, and everything’s going on at once, I have the tendency to parent in a “get through the day” way, instead of stepping back, and remembering that God has given me this little creature (lol) – not to just barely scrape by with my sanity each day, but to help shape, and guide him/her into a Godly, honest, respectful, caring person! So the next time you hear that “hey dad!?” coming from one of your kiddos while you’re just getting into a great article on the front of the Sports Page, remember to see the big picture. Even if he just wants you to put the track back on his bulldozer.



3 thoughts on “Dad?….Dad?……DAD?

  1. So I know I’m late commenting on this, but I feel really strongly about this. I hardly ever tell my parents anything. And I would just about rather die than ask them about sex, and I’m 20 years old. I wondered about why this is, and I started noticing how my parents respond to my younger brothers. Until he was about 11, one brother just took so loooong to tell a story that you just wanted him to not even start. But that does just tell the kid that he’s not important. My sister will tell my parents stories about her day whether they pay attention or not, and she doesn’t really seem to care. I always thought it was weird that she could just follow them around and chatter when it was obvious they had other things on their minds. I know that my mom wants me to talk to her about things more, but I have a hard time because I’ve felt shut down so many times. So seriously people, listen to you kids!

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