Ten Things Every Husband Wishes His Wife Knew About Sex, But Doesn’t Know Quite How To Tell Her


I did a guest post over on my partner blog “mission:wife” this week! Here’s a excerpt from it – 

I get a lot of emails from Wives wanting to “get inside the heads” of their husbands when it comes to how he acts, and reacts about sex. I realize all husbands are different, and some prefer some things over others, but overall, I feel that there are a lot of wives out there who REALLY WANT to make their sex life with their husband what God intended it to be, but sometimes get frustrated by not understanding why he’s always asking for sex, even when they just had it, or what he means when he says things like “I just want you to want me”.

So it’s for this reason, I decided to write this post. It’s not to make wives feel inadequate, or bad about what they’re not doing right, but rather to let you inside a guys head for a little bit, and help you understand where your husband is coming from when he is think about all things sexual. I think a lot of the problems that arise in a couple’s sex life, start with a lack of communication/understanding on both sides, on how a man and woman view sex in totally different ways. Finding and understanding those differences are the first step to having and maintaining healthy, passionate, and incredibly fulfilling sex life. Make sense so far?

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6 thoughts on “Ten Things Every Husband Wishes His Wife Knew About Sex, But Doesn’t Know Quite How To Tell Her

  1. Husband and wife are two human beings with emotions having different demands for the same thing but in opposite perspectives, and that are to make love and to be make love upon .Both ,male and female can have different level of libido and performance that is which make the difference . some male have more libido ,more erectile functioning and some adverse even fail to make love and same is for female . male have to have strong erectile to make a good love and should have stamina to satisfy partner. some time he may have weak erection and may splash more quickly ,at different time of length.and partner may have not been satisfied. with more often it happen she may loose her interest because she has been getting emotionally raised though slowly but have not reached orgasm. If male take too long and female orgasm then she will feel hard and painful after a while. woman do not raise quickly as do men. but once man get erection, testicles starts functioning with more movements and semen start moving towards urethra , at that time stopping to have sex by wife or by some sudden happenings is painful for the man and may lead to abnormalities . and that time of sex demand is at the peak which leads to rape,sin and crime. That is why Islam orders to Non maharam (mahram-with whom marriage is prohibited ) at a distance and not to be all alone in privacy because ” where a man and a woman are alone in privacy third is the devil” their presence senses each other i.e one want to make love and other wants to be loved (understanding ) or just one way (rape). In Islam it is said to man if you getting erection and need of having sex move to your home for your legal partner. in the case man is erected and emotionally raised wife if not have medical or some due reason should accommodate her husband that will lead to a happy and successful marriage life

  2. Great post … so is there a “companion” piece to this (e.g. “Ten Things Every Wife Wishes Her Husband Knew About Sex …”?

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