Sexual Satisfaction Survey; HIS & HERS

Sex (or lack of it) is a huge issue in a lot of marriages (for years it was an issue in ours). My wife and I created these surveys in the hope that the results (which we’ll share with our readers) would help us understand from both sides what needs work, and what the “big issues” are in the bedroom. Please help us and take a few minutes to fill out the following surveys. Both surveys are completely confidential, and don’t ask for your name.

Survey for HUSBANDS

Survey for WIVES

5 thoughts on “Sexual Satisfaction Survey; HIS & HERS

  1. The only issue that we have with your survey is that in the men’s final question regarding whether he has viewed porn or not while married, there is no ‘yes, but not anymore’. Thus not allowing or acknowledging that Men can be freed.

  2. You do not list “Chronic (or untreated) illness” as a reason for refusal. And I don’t just mean cancer, etc. Untreated/Undiagnosed depression, moderate to severe Acid Reflux, untreated sleep disorders – if treated by a professional, with on-going monitoring could improve sexual communications. How many times is this refusal to treat some sort of selfish martyr complex?

    1. Yeah, sorry, I guess it’s hard to create a “perfect” survey. I will include that next time. I guess I was hoping people would put that in the comments at the bottom. Thanks for taking the survey though!

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