Sexual Satisfaction Survey Results Part Two – The Numbers

Earlier in the week I posted Part One of the Sexual Satisfaction Survey results. Now I’m posting the “stats” portion of the survey for your review.

Each result is posted as a picture, so if you find them hard to read due to the small size, click on the thumbnail, and it will blow it up so you can see it bigger.

Some of the results are expected, but others aren’t. These are from the HUSBANDS, Mission:Wife will be posting the WIVES portion soon.

2 thoughts on “Sexual Satisfaction Survey Results Part Two – The Numbers

  1. Wow….that is sad. Sad that so many husbands feel rejected by their wives. Sad that so many of them resort to porn and masturbation instead of prayer and restoration. Believe me, men, I get it. I’m a high drive wife with a low drive husband and I resorted to porn and masturbation, too. But it does nothing but tear the marriage down even more and allow Satan in to destroy it and yourself and your spouse. I KNOW it is hard. I’m having a bad day today, myself due to a lack in sex. I’m miserable, grumpy, short tempered and all I want is for hubby to be able to come home and lock ourselves in the bedroom for hours! But I have no idea when I’ll see him again, but I will NOT resort to porn and masturbation. I will pray and wait and grow in the Lord myself. My God shall supply all my needs….and that includes sexual needs. Pray, trust, have faith.

    And wives….GO TO BED!! PLEASE!!

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