Funny Honeymoon Stories –


My wife and I will be celebrating 8 years of marriage coming up on May 14th. In some ways it feels like it’s been a lot longer, and in some ways it seems like just yesterday she walked down that aisle towards me to start our life together.

We got married in a small lake town in Oregon called Wallowa Lake. It had always been a special place to us as kids, as both our families would vacation there, and there are a lot of memories for us growing up as kids. Anyway, we got married there, honeymooned there, and are headed back there for our anniversary this year. We were talking about our upcoming trip the other day, and it reminded us of our honeymoon, and the funny things that made it “memorable” 8 years ago. For example –

We rented a pretty nice two-story “cabin” for our honeymoon, and it was by no means a “rustic” kitchen, but for some reason we had a hard time in the “cooking meals” department. The first “incident” was our first night there. We knew we were going to be tired and want something quick to prepare after the wedding and all the stress of preparing for the big day, so we brought one of those DiGorno pizzas from home to just be able to throw in the oven. Well, Val put it in the oven while I was taking a shower or something, and somehow she didn’t get the circle of cardboard off of the bottom of the pizza, before she stuck it in the oven. As you can imagine, about 7 minutes later as the smoke alarm was going off in the background, I asked “what in the world is burning?” We looked in the oven, and the cardboard was just starting to smolder and start to flame up a bit. We quickly got it out, and threw the cardboard into the sink to douse the fire. That was our first “cooking adventure”.

Adventure #2 was on the second day, when we decided to use the BBQ at the cabin to cook some steaks we had bought. This was all fine and dandy, except for the fact that I was used to cooking on a GAS grill, not a charcoal grill. But being the “man of the house” now, I was sure I could remember how my dad used to do it, and I’d show my new wife that I was a grill expert.

So, I went down to the deck and found an old bag of  briquettes that somebody had left from whoever had stayed there before, and began to build a pyramid in the bottom of the BBQ like I remembered my Dad doing. Once I had a pretty decent sized pile, I put a good dose of lighter fluid over all of them, and lit it. With a small “whoosh” it lit up, and I was on my way. Or so I thought.

About 15 minutes later, I brought the steaks down and proceeded to spread out the  briquettes in the bottom of the BBQ, just like dad used to, and put the steaks on the grill. It didn’t seem as hot as I remembered when I was a kid, but oh well I thought, it must just take a little bit longer to heat up.

I set up a lawn chair by the BBQ to keep an eye on the steaks. After about 10 minutes, I checked them, and while they were starting to cook, it had barely even seared the meat on the side facing the coals. Huh. Well, it must just take longer than gas, I thought. Another ten minutes go by, and I checked them again. Still, not much cooking going on. By now my wife is asking if the steaks are almost ready, because the rest of the food is getting close. I proceed to tell her that the BBQ seems to be “broken”, and we are going to have to cook them in a fry pan on the stove. I’m really frustrated at this point, and I grab the steaks off the still luke warm grill, and go upstairs to the kitchen.

Fast forward to about an hour later, after we had finished eating dinner, I went back down to the BBQ to clean it up and put it away. I opened the lid to scrape the grill, and to my surprise the coals were white-hot, and ready to cook an elephant. Turns out I was a little quick on the draw to start cooking.

At the time we didn’t see this stuff as very funny, but now as we look back, stories like this are some of the things we remember most about our honeymoon. (Or at least the memories that I can put in a blog…lol).

I think it’s good to stop and remember the good times you’ve had together. The times that you’ve laughed together. The times you’ve had fun as a couple. There are times for me when life get’s so busy and filled up with work, kids, dinner, dishes, bed, and repeat – that we forget to laugh with each other. We forget how much FUN having FUN with your spouse is. Even if it doesn’t seem great or fun at the time. May we not forget that when life seems to get a little “same old same old”.

Ok, so now it’s your turn. What are some funny memories from your honeymoon? Things that didn’t quite go as planned, or as expected? From your first night together, to finding out your new husband/wife snores so loud,  you couldn’t sleep, to starting the kitchen stove on fire – let’s hear em’! 

7 thoughts on “Funny Honeymoon Stories –

  1. I look forward to having funny honeymoon memories. We’ve been married 11 years and still haven’t had a honeymoon!

  2. We spent part of our honeymoon in Panama City beach. On this particular evening we had decided to go to Red Lobster to dine. First, let me just say that getting married in July in the South is hot. Standing outside for over an hour waiting for a table in Florida in July is hotter still! When we finally were seated, the service seemed as slow as the wait for the table and we were already quite hungry. When our server finally arrived we placed our order and happily began the wait. Soon the server arrived to state they were ‘out’ of one of the entrees we had ordered. A few minutes later she returned to state they were out of baked potatoes. Everything we wanted was somehow not available. Other diners around us came and went until we were about the only ones left. Being newly married and away together by ourselves for the first time we didn’t mind the wait but, when the server arrived again to inform us there had been a mistake…oh, well, we’ll take whatever you have! At this point we were so hungry we began joking about eating some of the food left on the plates of surrounding tables that had been vacated. Over thirty years later we still occasionally remember that night and laugh about the absurdity of a restaurant with no food available and being hungry enough that eating strangers’ leftovers seemed a viable option.

  3. My grandmother was born in Joseph, OR and we honeymooned on the south end of Wallowa lake at my uncles cabin. It was beautiful, the only story that sticks out in my mind was that on our way from Warm Springs we had “traffic” or 300 head of cattle moving down a two lane highway… I still remember one looking at me wide-eyed and mooing as we passed by in our vehicle.


  4. We have quite a distance between extended families, so we spent some time in a cabin and then traveled to be with members who couldn’t make it to the ceremony. To save money, we brought along a tent and sleeping bags. The only night we camped out it poured buckets of rain. We tried to stay to the higher side of the tent and even shared one sleeping bag (fun normally) when the other got soaked, but to no avail. We spent a miserable night.

    Then also during the trip my new bride had to be taken to the Emergency room with the worst UTI of her life! No one had told her about ‘preventative measures’ for newly sexually active people. We were embarrassed to answer all those questions.

  5. I’m going to be married soon and I hope I can come back to this post and share something after that! HA 😀 Thanks for sharing your stories though! Had fun reading them @missionhusband!

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