Have your ever heard those words over and over again from one of your kiddos? Most of the time I’m right in the middle of doing something – driving, editing photos, talking to Val, etc – and one of the kids will inevitably try to get my attention to ask me something! If you’re in the right […]

“The Porch Light”

So the other night around 9pm I went out my front door, to put the trash out by the curb for pickup the next morning. As I went out the door, I reached over and flipped on the switch for the porch light – and nothing happened. Nothing. Confused, I switched the switch up and down a few times, […]

The “Cast”

So I said that I would introduce the cast of characters that make up our little (but getting bigger) family. Here goes… Gerad (Dad) – That’s me. You know about me. Valerie – That’s my beautiful wife. She is the most amazing wife/mom/cook/housekeeper/teacher/best friend/multi-tasker I could ever ask for. Benjamin (4yrs) – Ah yes, our […]

What the heck is a blog?

“Blog” sounds like something I find underneath Corbynn’s high chair. Definitely never thought I would be writing one – but here I am. I am not a writer, I do NOT have any degrees in how to raise children, or be a good husband. What I do have is a desire to be the best husband and […]